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Wie een aardig woordje engels kan begrijpen heeft misschien ook interesse in deze leuke Engelstalige paardenspellen.
Horse Tycoon is a free horse game in which you can experience the horse world virtually! Buy your own horses, place them in a Stable or Riding School, groom them, and train them in many disciplines. Train and enter the many competitions to move your horse up to "Super Horse" Stardom! Save enough money to buy a Breeding Stable and become a top breeder of your favorite horse breed! Start your own Riding School where co-players can join and schedule lessons with you and/or other players. Ride up the ranks by playing the game actively, doing odd jobs, and reap the benefits with each new level achieved. Meet lots of people like you, who share a passion for horses, by joining one of the many conversations at our expansive forum! And don't forget the ultimate goal - Become the Horse Tycoon!

With Howrse, breed your own horses, and manage your own equestrian center ! JOIN A COMMUNITY OF 3 433 000 PLAYERS, OF WHICH 5225 ARE CONNECTED NOW! REGISTER NOW, IT'S FREE!

A Virtual Horse
AVH - A great horse game suitable for all ages. * Create colored horses through careful breeding of specific genes and learn about the horse color genetics of the game. Train, breed, show and trade your virtual horses. Become a vet or a stablehand and groom, vet or feed horses. Build a ranch, manufacture tack, collect treats and manufacturing materials. Play horse games and other fun games. Make friends on chat or write your personal blog.

=Play a free and fun horse game= At Horseland® you can own, breed and show your very own horses and dogs. =Manage Horse Stables= Ride your horse in a 3D virtual world, breed horses, design 3D jumping shows, play horse jumping games & customize your horse. =Make New Friends= Horseland is an online community. Play a horse game with thousands of people from all over the world.

Horse Isle
Gaaf Engelstalig paardenspel, níet textbased maar je kan hier werkelijk zien hoe je rondloopt. Spel met véél uitdagingen, probeer alle 'quests' afgerond te krijgen, zorg dat je alle paarden krijgt die je wil hebben, vang wilde paarden, verzorg paarden, verdien awards, rij races in allerlei disciplines tegen andere spelers en speel heel veel verschillende spelletjes! Omdat er nog continue actief aan dit spel gewerkt wordt ben je nooit klaar!

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